No Point What-So-Ever

IF you wanted to stay friends, this was NOT the way of going about doing that.

Honestly, I see no logic… I’ve given you everything, for months now you’ve given nothing back. Lies. Hiding things. Cheating. Paying no regard for me, even after all those things. I still gave you everything, I still tried to work on the relationship, even if I didn’t go about it in some perfect way. At least I can say I tried.

The past few weeks especially, you’ve pushed me so far away that I had hit my limit… Pretty much to the point where we were just friends the past week, but very close and still together. I was ready for things to end at that point, I was prepared, though it was hurting… But low, the last few days, you pulled me back in. Affection, being sweet, in moderation, still a bit course between us, but getting better. You even said yourself that this should fix everything, we should be able to work things out. Told me I should take you to Zombie Prom. All kinds of things.

Then suddenly, today. My 21st birthday. A day we had planned to do things from the morning, to the afternoon before I went over to my parents… You decide to blow me off when I ask about waking up before noon. You end up getting up at 2:00, and asking me when we were leaving. With only a few hours to spend out, how would that make for a good birthday? I was open to it, but it just wasn’t what I had wanted. Your course of action? Get all pissy and just get on the computer, and blow me off when I developed having a problem with that. The whole day ended up going to crap from that point on, went over to my parents, came back, felt like crap. No real sympathy.

I leave to go to WinCo for a little while, pick up a few things, come back. Greeted with nothing. For a few hours following that, I wait to see if anyone’s even going to try and come out. Why am I suddenly being blown off? I did nothing wrong, I didn’t even say anything that could have upset someone. Then I see it - On Facebook, you simply set your relationship status to single, a couple minutes prior to me seeing it. I message you with an obvious bit of sarcasm “Happy birthday to me, I guess.”

No response.

Not understanding what just happened, I go to seek answers and to vent. I tell you “Great way to just give up when nothing was even going on.” which is responded with not even a glance over to me, and a smile. I get dressed, and come back to let you know how much I appreciate you keeping up with the whole “Only caring about yourself” thing, since you’re so good at it. Respond with a smile and a thumbs up.

I leave, walk around for about 45 minutes, come back and see you’ve posted a status complaining about my “drama”… Drama? With the way you’ve been treating me for MONTHS now, and the thing you just did, which has to be THE bitchiest thing anyone’s ever done to me, you have the nerve to call my reaction “drama”? And complain about it?

Through everything, I’ve given nothing short of everything to you. And what do I get? This.

Happy birthday to me.